For 44 years...

…we have served young people, adults, couples, and families in facing their unique challenges and exploring all the possibilities life offers.

Mental health comes in many colors.

Each and every one of us is a rainbow.

Executive Director Judy Weber-Israel and Tobin Weber
Judy's dream for Tobin became a reality and a lifeline for thousands of students and their families.
Tobinworld grew to include a multi-campus school, mental health clinic, fund-raising gift shop, and an innovative vocational training program.
Tobinworld is in its fifth decade of serving the mental health needs of children, adolescents, and their families.
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who we are

who we are

In 1977, something remarkable began. Judith Weber was searching for inventive solutions to an overwhelming challenge: providing a relevant and effective education for her severely autistic son, Tobin. Her efforts and successes attracted the support of other parents and of the school district, who urged her to start a new school. Tobinworld was born, and for over 40 years served the needs of up to 300 emotionally disturbed, autistic or developmentally disabled students a year.

In 2003, Tobinworld expanded its charter to open a non-profit community-based mental health clinic, treating children and adolescents struggling with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges and supporting their families in meeting these challenges. We assist youth ages 5 to 21 in developing the skills and behaviors that support a happy and productive life.

We believe that parents and caregivers play a vital role in improving the lives of their children and view them as an essential part of our treatment team.
What we offer

What We Offer

Background Heading

Community-Based Services

Discover the possibilities of a well-lived life

Tobinworld’s objectives for this program include:

  • achieving the youth’s and family’s goals/desired results
  • a significant reduction or elimination of symptoms
  • restoration or maintenance of functioning consistent with the requirement for learning, development, independent living, and enhanced self-sufficiency
  • improvement in the emotional, social, and/or the academic functioning of their clients;
  • improvement in their family’s functioning
  • improvement in parenting skills, household management, accessibility to community resources, and family unity
  • assisting each youth to be served in the least restrictive environment as is possible
  • assisting the youth and family in assessing their needs for and acquiring access to medical, educational, recreational, social, prevocational, rehabilitative, and other community services necessary for the youth and family to meet their needs and enable the youth to function at his/her residence, school, and community
All staff involved with youth will adhere to all laws, regulations and policies regarding confidentiality, privacy, privilege, and reporting. Tobinworld is aware that they are part of a system of care and our community, including a community of service providers, and will maintain positive relationships with staff from other agencies, public and private.
private health care
In 2020, Tobinworld expanded its mental health services and now accepts many major insurance plans and all PPO insurance plans. We provide outpatient therapy to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.
Our multi-disciplinary team of licensed mental health professionals are trained and experienced in treating a wide array of issues.