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Reward Systems



TOBINWORLD's Reward Store creates a fun atmosphere with bright lights, music, a merry-go-round and lots of games, toys, and carnival food. Through the school's token economy, students can purchase items of food or play games as a reward for appropriate behavior. The Reward Store is used to reinforce appropriate behavior. Each student agrees to a behavior contract and tries to reach his or her goal. Appropriate behavior is rewarded daily to ensure consistent behavior.

Also located on campus is our Contract Room, which is used for teachers and students to negotiate multi-day contracts for appropriate behavior. Such items as T-shirts, model kits, tennis shoes, sports hats, basketballs, clocks, watches, etc. are used as rewards if the student completes his or her contract. Once a student selects an item that they really desire, the teacher and student agree on an appropriate behavior goal and, if reached, the student is rewarded with the chosen item. The Contract Room provides a highly visible reminder to students of what they may earn by completing their agreements successfully.

As part of the Rewards System, high school students are able to relax and socialize in our Outer Space Teen Lounge. Access to the teen lounge is dependent on exhibiting appropriate behavior, passing their daily contracts and completing their assigned work. High school students may choose to spend their reward time listening to an old fashioned juke-box - loaded with a variety of popular music - play Sega or pinball, watch videos, eat "fun" food or simply sit and relax. The Teen Lounge also allows our students an opportunity to learn improved social interaction skills with their peers.