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Program Description


Students who enroll at TOBINWORLD have been diagnosed as severely emotionally disturbed, autistic or developmentally disabled. TOBINWORLD has developed a behavior management system which has proven to be highly successful with these individuals. This system includes specific behavior change procedures designed to eliminate or reduce undesired behaviors and strengthen appropriate behaviors. The combination of academic and behavioral psychology provided at TOBINWORLD creates a positive environment allowing the student to experience many opportunities for success and individual responsibility both academically and behaviorally.

TOBINWORLD utilizes two separate programs. One is designed for severely emotionally disturbed students and is consistent with the special education curriculum guide from Los Angeles Unified School District. This program serves students in grades 1 through 12. Those who pass all proficiency tests receive high school diplomas from their respective school districts. Classroom sizes are no larger than 12 students to allow for maximum interaction between teachers and students.

The second program is designed for students who are autistic or who are developmentally delayed. The primary goal of educating students with significant physical or learning disabilities is to have them develop the skills which will enable them to participate to their fullest extent as independent students or adults within the community. Courses in the Community Based Instruction and Life Skills are designed to do just that.

The Community Based Instruction Programs for our lower-functioning students emphasizes self-sufficiency skills such as money/budget management, personal maintenance, personal safety, academics, vocational education, recreation and utilization of public transportation. The Life Skills Program course focuses on basic survival skills, such as community awareness and personal safety. These programs are designed specifically for each student based on their needs, interests and abilities. Student performance is measured through daily behavior logs, summarized weekly grade sheets and thorough samplings of each student's work.

TOBINWORLD'S school day is from 8:45 A.M. to 3:05 P.M. We follow the calendar and holiday schedule of the Los Angeles Unified School District and offer a six week summer program filled with exciting field trips, special events and, of course, education.