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Dream Street

TOBINWORLD's Dream Street is one of the newest and most innovative vocational programs in the country. A true transitional street designed to guide our students from school to society, Dream Street teaches students how to take care of themselves, be independent and earn a living for the rest of their lives. Our mission is not only to educate these students, but also to provide them with practical skills and vocational training as part of their educational curriculum. Although our students' abilities are limited, our goal is to allow each one of them to lead happy, productive lives and realize their fullest potentials once they leave the security of TOBINWORLD'S school environment.

Our first vocational dream store was an on-campus Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlor where students are trained in all aspects of the ice cream business. From scooping ice cream to sweeping floors to ringing registers, students learn how to successfully work in a fast-paced retail environment. Once a student has successfully passed our training program, they matriculate to the formal Baskin-Robbins training. Once that training has been passed, Baskin-Robbins assists students in finding employment in one of their stores closest to a student's own neighborhood.

The second Dream Street store is Toby's Cafe, which is a restaurant and kitchen. Toby's Cafe is a place where students can learn the skills of a waiter, busboy (or girl), host/hostess as well as all facets of meal preparation and cooking. Students also help coordinate the daily lunch program.

As Dream Street continues to grow, our goal is to add other appropriate vocational settings to develop and enhance career skills and experience.