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Brill School of Autism

In its program for Autistic children and young adults, TOBINWORLD uses principles developed in Applied Behavior Analysis and Discrete Trials. Each student's abilities and deficits are analyzed and an individualized program of instruction is created. New skills are introduced to the student in the form of one-to-one instruction using a method called task analysis. This method provides step-by-step skill-building to strengthen each student's abilities. Students spend part of each day in class learning new skills directly from the teacher and practice these skills with teaching assistants in a group setting. Other activities in the daily schedule include community outings, building social interaction skills and strengthening self-sufficiency.

Opportunities for positive reinforcement are readily available to each autistic student every moment of the day. Each increment of learning a new skill and displaying appropriate classroom behavior is rewarded with praise, approval, a small amount of a preferred food or a token for later exchange in the classroom or in our Reward Store. The classroom is filled with positive outcomes for the small steps each student takes in acquiring and maintaining high academic and behavior standards in school.